Volunteers needed 16yrs and up for 1001 Inventions Exhibit at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit from Oct – Jan- click here to sign up

MCWS encourages community members and their kids to volunteer their time.
We are three weeks away from the launch of one of the largest local projects for the Muslim community.  Its success will heavily depend on attendance but that attendance requires a lot of volunteers on site. Please sign up to volunteer now to make sure that 1001 Inventions: Untold Stories from a Global Age of Innovation!, has the support it needs.  Its success will be a reflection of all of us – the  Muslims in the Detroit Metro Area.
This is an incredible exhibit on history and the contributions people of various faith traditions during the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization. Its purpose is to inspire careers in STEM and to promote interfaith appreciation.
Please watch the video below to learn more about 1001 Inventions.
The volunteer position is a 25+ hour commitment from October to January at the Michigan Science Center. Volunteers can set their own schedule according to their availability.  They can sign up at:

This exhibit captures the legacy of Islamic civilization and we, the Muslim community need to step up and support it!
1)  Volunteers just to need to write down “MCWS” as the referring organization in their application.
 2) contact Steve Zoski  (information in flyer) and/or
For the most updated information, follow us on Facebook at
Also, the Michigan Science Center is also offering an especially exciting incentive for nonprofit organizations.  Any nonprofit that provides 1001 hours of volunteering over three months (Oct. to Jan.); any combination works i.e. 200 volunteers by five volunteers or 25 hours by 40 volunteers) for the exhibit, will be allowed to host an event at the science center, free of charge (ideal for a fundraising event). See this attached PDF for full details 

1001 Inventions is an exhibit that showcases the incredible work of inventors/scholars/thinkers during the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization. The exhibit has traveled across the world, including cities like Washington D.C., New York, Dubai and London, and now it’s coming to the Michigan Science Center in Detroit.  




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