Story Time for Children (ages 2-10) and their mothers – every Wednesday 30 mins before Asr – click here to see details

Program is FREE.

What: Join us for storytime and salah each Wednesday, 30 min before Asr salah in the Women’s prayer hall.

Who: Children of all ages and abilities are welcome; stories will be selected to suit children ages 2-10.

Details: Storytime will be followed by a brief reminder of masjid etiquette and prayer in congregation.

Mothers or other responsible female guardians must remain with their children for the duration of the program.  

Please respect that snacks and juice are not allowed in the prayer area. Snacks may be consumed in hallway areas, but please clean up any crumbs/messes.

Feel free to bring quiet toys for children who may need them.

If you have any questions or need special accomodations, please contact the organizer at 734-787-2730

The purpose of this program is to support children in the masjid in a familiar and gentle way. Please remain in the masjid after storytime for Asr salah, and encourage your child to be present, quiet, and calm during the salah. 


Organized by Sister Umm Abdullah

Approved by MCWS Programs Committee


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