Request Social Hall Rental

  • The Hall usage for Masjid/MCWS is limited to Dinners and other activites.
  • For all social or private usage, please contact the Crescent School Principal
  • The hall can be used by members of MCWS to play Volley Ball or Basketball.
  • Non-Members are not encourage but welcome to play the Gymnasium with proper approval.
     MCWS/Crescent Academy Social Hall / Gymnasium Booking Rates are:
Event Type
# of Guests
Formal Event
500 or less
$ 500 (Fixed)
  • Gym Calendar is available online at our website
  • There is a $200 deposit check which will be given back as long all tables and chairs are put back in place and all garbage thrown in the back dumpster.
  • The $500 rental fee is in one check and it should be submitted no later than one week before the event.
    The rental fee includes all the gym area only no classrooms and the kitchen for setup and warming.
    If the kitchen is used for cooking then there is an additional $500 charge.
  • The $500 is a flat rate up to 500 people which is the capacity of the gym.
  • Gym Available Time 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

    For reservations or details contact Crescent Academy Office at (734)729-1000 and ask for Sister Dina Eldamaty Or email: