[Important] Weekend (Sat and Sun) School Registration – DELAYED – Opens – Aug 24th (inshallah)

Dear Parents,

PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical delays, registration is still closed. Inshallah it will open on Saturday Aug 24th, 2019. Please visit the link below.


Changes in 2019

  • Starting 2019 onward, we will launch both Saturday and Sunday School registration at the same time
  • Both schools will start the same dates
  • Parents will have the option to either enroll in Saturday or Sunday school using the same link above
  • Sunday School will now start from 10 am instead of 11 am (same as Sat School) to compensate for an extra Quran Reading Class.
  • Saturday School timings will remain the same from 10 AM to Dhur
  • We have decided to migrate from Muntazim to SunWebApp (a new software company based in Michigan)
  • Data from last year will be migrated to the new system
  • Existing parents from 2018 will be able to login with their email provided and a temporary password. (this password will be send to your email soon)
  • For any inquiries, please contact the coordinator

We appreciate your patience and understanding

Asif Hussain
Coordinator, MCWS Weekend School


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