Qalam Institute presents – One Week Hadith Intensive Seminar w/Mufti Kamani – July 13 – 19th – Tuition cost lowered, plus more discount – see details

One of the most popular classes/Intensives on Hadith is coming to MCWS this summer in shaa Allah.
Hadith Intensive – Taught by Mufti Kamani 
July 13th-19th
MondayFriday: 6:30-10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-6pm
Lunch Included
Tuition: $299/person for 7 days or ~$42/day (plus additional $50 MCWS discount for first 20 seats)
Qalam Institute has announced lowered tuition for the class! It’s now $299 per person for ONE WEEK class!
On top of that, the first 20 people to register receive a further $50 discount from MCWS!


  • How and why hadith is and always has been a primary source of the religion and the need for its protection.
  • The chapter of dua in Sahih Bukhari to understand the dua of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and learn how to practically implement dua in our lives.
  • 40 hadith compilation done by Mulla Ali Qari containing Hadith Qudsi as we interact with the narrations from Allah addressing us directly.
  • Uloom ul Hadith (the sciences of hadith) to gain an appreciation of hadith authentication and more.


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