Join us this Friday Aug 4th at 9pm for an enlightening talk on Family Bonding by renowned speaker from Pakistan

Guest Speaker: Muhammad Abdul Latif

Curriculum Specialist and Teacher Trainer, MS English, Dhaka University


I have 35 years of teaching and leadership experience and have provided training to 20,000 teachers. Previously, I have been a teacher, special educator, principal, educational consultant for various schools across Pakistan. Personally I have handled more than 200,000 students. I have traveled to United Kingdom and United States where I have visited schools, observed teachers, learned, and also provided my workshops for Tarbiyah school Delaware USA.

I have toured UK with the Pakistan Cricket Team in 1961 with Javed Burki as my captain. I played two Tests for Pakistan against the Commonwealth XI and Sri Lanka. I have captained the East Pakistan Cricket Team for almost 10 years.

I was associated with the Institute of Educational Development, Aga Khan University for two years and received training for the purpose to promote efficient and effective administration, to develop framework in which Heads and Faculty work together for express purpose of school improvement of quality education.



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