IRON FAITH – 10 Weeks Educational Program for Boys – Every Monday 5:30p – 7:30p starting Feb 26th – Registration is now CLOSED

We have reached our max capacity. Inshallah if there are any seats available, we will reopen registration. JZK for your interest.


What: New Educational Programs for Boys Only

When: Every Monday 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm starting from Feb 26th – May 14th

Ages: 5 yrs – 7yrs

Who: Taught by Br. Muhammad from Canton, Program organized by Blessed Bond (

Location:, MCWS Classrooms A&B

Cost: $60 / kid for full semester

Limited Seats, please email
Course Details:

About the Founders:

Leila Osman is an educator and has masters in School Leadership from the University of Michigan. She has been teaching since the age of 15 at girls groups and weekend schools. She later worked at Al-Huda School and Crescent Academy in Michigan. She founded the AOF (Advancing Our Faith) youth camps from 2006-2011 which hosted semi-annual youth camps for girls and boys in the Michigan area. She has also serviced the Carriers of Light and Ribaat Quran programs.  Most recently she founded Blessed Bonds in 2013, a youth organization aimed at nurturing bonds with God, our Beloved Messenger, friends, and mentors through weekly meetings and activities. Since 2013 BB has grown to serve several locations and specializations in the Chicago metropolitan area. These include Blessed Bonds Learn, Blessed Bonds Recite, Blessed Bonds Sing, and Blessed Bonds Fit. Blessed Bonds also hosts activities in Michigan and Florida. Iron Faith grew out of blessed bonds as a boys youth group. She works on Blessed Bonds along with teaching middle school at IFS. She resides in Burr Ridge, IL.

Dr Mohammad Shukairy is a practicing neurosurgeon in northwest Indiana. He was born and raised in the Detroit metropolitan area. He has a history of Islamic interaction with youth as he served in many different Islamic organizations in multiple capacities including – MSA, MYNA, HIRA, MMYC, AOF and local mosques. He led youth groups for boys in both Detroit and Chicago. He has studied the Quran and many of the Islamic sciences in Syria and with mentors/teachers in Michigan. He hopes to impart some of what he was able to learn and gain growing up to these young boys.


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