Board of Directors

Maajed Huq

Maajed Huq is a Canton resident since 1993. He is married to Sr. Sazia and has 3 children (Munajj, Faheem, and Samah). He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and currently works for an Automotive Supplier. He has been active in various activities within the community and is currently helping to look at how to…

Imran Jalal

Imran Jalal

Imran lives in Canton and married with two children. He currently work for Ford Motor Company as their Brand Manager. Imran has been helping the community wherever needed.

Khalid Waqhar

Khalid Waqhar

Khalid Waqhar is a Canton resident since 1991. He is married with 3 children. His wife’s name is Yasmeen Waqhar. His children’s name are Omar, Sarah and Safiya. He has a MS and MBA and currently works in Nissan as a Principal Engineer.

Syed Arif

Syed Arif has been a Canton resident and MCWS member since 2001. He is an engineer by profession and currently works as an Supplier Technical Assistance Manager at Ford Motor Company. He resides close to the masjid with his parents, wife and four children. He has been involved in various initiatives and activities within and…

Asif Hussain

Asif Hussain has been living in Metro Detroit Area since 2001. He moved to Canton community in 2008. He and his wife Fouzia Siddiqui have been raising four beautiful children in MCWS community. He is a Mechanical engineer by profession and earned a Master’s degree in Management from University of Michigan. Currently he is working…

Noura Huraibi

Noura has been an active member in the Canton community since 2002. She is married to Hussein Huraibi and they have 3 children. Her commitments extend from MCWS events, service projects as well as social gatherings for a cause.  In addition, she is also a member of the Plymouth Canton Interfaith Community Outreach (ICO). Together…

Khadija Peracha

Khadija is a wife, mother and a dedicated community member. She has been a part of the Canton community for 20 years and has been an active member of MCWS. She has diligently worked for many projects namely Ramadan fundraising dinners, MCWS yard sale, Jumuah bake sales, Angels Circle, Ramadan Daura e Quran, Eid Carnival,…