Funeral Prayers for Mohammed Omair on Tues (Apr 25th) after Dhur at 1:50pm @ MCWS

Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi ra ji’oun!
(To Allah (SWT) we belong and to HIM (SWT) we return)

Bismillahir Rahmmanir Rahiim
As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullhi wa Barakaatuh

Mohammed Omair, uncle of Sabiha Hai, and great uncle of Yusuf Hai passed away on Monday April 24th, 2017. His Janazah will be on Tuesday April 25th after Dhur 1:50pm at MCWS Canton Masjid, located at 40440 Palmer Road, Canton, MI, 48188, followed by burial at Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti MI.

He leaves behind his daughter Esha Sayed and son in law Abdullah Sayed and 2 grandchildren, Saphia and Hayden

May Allah swt forgive him, have Mercy on him and grant him the highest level of Jannah. May Allah swt grant the family beautiful patience at this difficult time.

Please remember the family in your special duas.

– MCWS Communications


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