• Yes. Registration is for the treat since we have limited supply. If you like to come and just drive thru, you are welcome to.

    • Registration was closed on May 21st. The registration was for treats as we had limited tickets. You can still join the drive thru celebration if you like but no treats.

    • Click on the EID banner on the website and register. Kids are still available. Adults are sold out. The tickets are only for Treats. You can still come and join the celebration and drive thru. Inshallah!

  1. Assalamalaikum, we would like to rsvp to the Eid Drive Thru Celebration.
    Mr. & Mrs. Adnan Owais
    2 Adults
    4 Children

    • You will need to click on the Eid banner on mcws.org to register. Currently kid registration is open and adults are closed. The registration is for the treat but if you like to come and join the celebration and drive thru, you most welcome to. Inshallah!

  2. I’m trying to register my kids for the drive thru event but can’t find any registration link.. tried clicking on the Eid banner but nothing is working.. please share the link in the comments if possible.. thank you! 🙂

  3. Alssalam Alikom. Thank you for organizing this beautiful gesture. Looks like I missed the registration period! Do you think my 5yo son can get a goodie bag if we come tomorrow? Happy to pay for it if needed, I just don’t want my son to see the other kids with goodie pags and he doesn’t!

    • What is your sons and you family name. I can’t promise you but i will put him on the list. At the moment we have a waiting list.

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