Foundation Part 1 – Shaykh Hasan’s New Weekly Class starting Tues March 7th – 7p -8p




What: Foundations Part I

Max Seats: 50

Details: The Foundations Course has been crafted by merging many elementary texts together.    The purpose is to offer adults a sound and strong footing in the absolute essentials of everyday Islam.  This is classically better known as Fard Ain (absolutely necessary or absolute essentials). In other words a course that easily allows you to cover everything you should have learned in your adolescence only with an adult twist (Perennialism etc.) Topics will range from: Faith, prayer, rulings related to the 5 pillars from multiple perspectives and path to salvation. One very important aspect of this course is that, it will be taught with the vision of empowering students so that they will be able to confidently pass on the essentials to their dependents as per our long standing rich tradition.There will be plenty of note taking and discussion in this course.  Participants will be required to take notes in a manner that they can easily refer to later. Because this course is also part of a larger MCWS initiative of developing a complete part time curriculum for adults wishing to solidify basic Islamic concepts before plunging into advance sciences, there will be testing mechanisms.

When: March 7th – May 9th – Every Tuesday – 7pm to 8pm
These classes will be offered every Tuesday starting March 7 until May 9th (with the exception of spring break).
March 7,March 14,March 21,March 28,April 4 (Spring break),April 11,April 18,April 25,May 2,May 9

Who Is this Course for: This course caters to brothers and sisters of every level wishing to further their Quranic studies of any form. It will serve as a great asset for parents, teachers, leaders senior college and university students who aspire to study the Quran and pass on its teachings Inshallah.


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